Car Accidents Can Change a Victim's Life... Forever!

September 10, 2019

Is it normal to feel tired following a car accident? How many weeks does it take back pain to subside after a crash? Can a vehicular accident permanently change your personality? These are just a few of the questions that injured victims ask a personal injury attorney after being blindsided by a negligent driver. Not expecting to be involved in an accident, victims like these can be forced to live with long-term, or permanent repercussions following an accident that was not their fault.  Often, these types of injuries resolve after a few months. However, when you cannot work, do not have supplemental insurance and cannot afford medical treatments, it is time to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney.

If you were involved in a bad car crash, you may find yourself struggling mentally and emotionally in the wake of the accident. Since anxiety is a common reaction to a stressful incident, you should recover within a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, medical researchers have found that it is not as much about the severity of a vehicular accident nor the resulting injuries that are most apt to create long-term effects. Instead, it has to do with your perception of the incident. Nonetheless, if you perceived the accident as life threatening, it can result in a negative psychological response that leads to unwanted thoughts as well as feelings of anger, confusion, frustration and helplessness. For these reasons, make sure you tell your doctors exactly how you feel and discuss any problems you are having with re-engaging socially at work, school or play.

When left to resolve problems caused by the physical, emotional or mental trauma of an automobile accident, it is easy for a victim to neglect his or her personal health. They may not notice changes in eating or sleeping patterns that can lead to more serious complications. For victims who suffer from an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress syndrome, managing a life of discomfort and pain can be like living on a balance beam.  Emotional volatility, intense mood swings or other extreme reactions to everyday situations are common with any brain injury, as are overreactions such as crying, laughing or outbursts of anger. If you or a loved one were injured due to someone else's negligent or reckless actions, contact Schackow & Mercadante (where experience matters) to speak directly with a personal injury lawyer about seeking compensation for your auto accident injuries.

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