Distracted Driving

Driving While Fatigued as Dangerous as Driving While Intoxicated, Study Shows

April 21, 2017

Everyone agrees that drunk driving is a dangerous and all-too-often devastating or even fatal choice. But did you know that getting behind the wheel after a night of inadequate sleep – a...

How Distracted Driving Impacts Florida

April 6, 2017

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a national campaign designed to educate drivers about the prevalence and dangers of behind-the-wheel distractions. It's an ever-worsening issue with...

Driver on Facebook Live Blamed for Fatal Crash

December 30, 2016

Earlier this month, we brought you the heartrending story of a fatal crash that took the lives of five people, including a young mother and her two small children in Tampa. Now,...


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