Medical Mistakes Are a Growing Reality for Patients

January 2, 2019

According to a recent Johns Hopkins study, more than 250,000 patients in the United States die from medical errors every year, whereas other sources claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000. This makes medical errors the third-leading cause of death following heart disease and cancer. To make matters worse, some experts estimate that one-in-five medical procedures may not have been necessary. Although political advocates have long been pushing for additional legislation, becoming an empowered patient is one way to improve patient safety.

Death and Disabilities Due to Medical Errors

The majority of medical workers and healthcare providers are dedicated, caring individuals who are well trained and properly educated. However, humans make mistakes and the healthcare system is not quick in offering to pay the bills when someone in is injured or killed by a medical error, such as:

  • surgical mistakes and complications 
  • inadequately skilled staff
  • errors in human judgment
  • an overall system defect
  • preventable adverse effects
  • errors in healthcare furnished
  • mix up in medications or dosage
  • failed or dangerous medical products

Obviously, as good as medical providers can be, our nation's system of care is fragmented, which is not an issue that is easy to fix. This explains why pro-patient advocates believe that allowing an individual to have a more proactive role in his or her healthcare through advanced technologies could be a positive step in the right direction.

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