Aviation Accidents Attorneys In Gainesville

Aviation Accidents Attorneys In Gainesville

Were you or a loved one injured or killed in an aviation accident?

If so, you will need the seek the advice of legal counsel to protect your rights for a full restitution of damages. Whether your aircraft is in the air or on the tarmac, common carriers, aviation manufacturers and airports are responsible for ensuring all safety precautions have been taken and strict FAA standards are met. Air travel is considered to be one of the safest modes of transportation, but when something goes wrong, the results can be tragic with victims receiving catastrophic or fatal injuries. Different state and federal laws may apply depending upon the type of aircraft involved and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

At Schackow & Mercadante, our trial attorneys have the negotiating skills to represent victims of aircraft accidents to include:

  • Pilot Error or Negligence
  • Improper Aircraft Maintenance
  • Failed Equipment or Components
  • Air Traffic Controller Errors
  • Failure to Warn of Bad Weather
  • Negligence by Service Staff
  • Faulty Structural Design
  • Airport or Tarmac Hazards
  • Failure to Follow FAA Regulations
  • Incorrect or Outdated Operations


Aircraft Accident Lawyers - Central Florida

Aviation law is complex and the investigation into the cause of a crash can take months to complete. When passengers or crew are injured or killed in an aircraft accident, the National Transportation Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration or Federal Bureau of Investigation may become involved in the investigation along with state and local law enforcement officials. You also have the right to have your own legal team conduct an independent investigation to determine cause and identify potentially liable parties. Don't wait until it is too late. Call toll free at 1-877-798-7700 or use our convenient contact form for a prompt response from our Gainesville law firm.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not seek to nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. The content is provided "as is" and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter of personal injury or wrongful death. Victims should seek immediate legal counsel following any serious accident or injury.

The Law Offices of Schackow & Mercadante, P.A. proudly serve the Central / North Florida residents of Gainesville, Lake City, Palatka and Ocala in Aircraft Accident cases and more.

When someone undergoes something so drastic like near death experience your mind is everywhere you don't know what to do or where to turn. I was thankful to have my dad suggest that I seek legal help from Schackow & Mercadante. Gerald & Michelle treated me like family they didn't look at me as a dollar sign they displayed acts of genuine compassion and concerns. I'm just blessed beyond belief to even have the pleasure of being a client that they represented. They even took the time and gave me advice after services that will help me throughout my journey in life. To top that off after the paperwork and completion of their job they did not shake my hand and say good luck instead they opened their warm and loving arms and gave me a sincere hug and wish nothing but the best for me!. Now that's the kind of team you would want to receive service from it gets no better than that! I wish I could rate 10 stars instead of 5! Thank You Guys So Much! This Review Doesn't Even Show A Third Of My Appreciation! I Am Forever Grateful!

Marika Brown

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